“You Can Accomplish Things If You Care Enough”: Service, Family Heritage, And Commitment

Jake Masters


Jake Masters was born in New York City, and grew up in the Hudson Valley with his mother and older brother. His mother runs a family jewelry business along with her mother, who grew up in France. Jake’s heritage is Jewish, with part of his family coming from France and part from Poland after surviving the Holocaust. As a kid, he was very athletic, playing sports in high school and working for a kayaking business on the Hudson. After graduating from high school, he ventured out west to train as a law enforcement officer for the National Park Service. He was the youngest member of the class and was eventually assigned to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. While taking the course, he became close friends with a Marine Corps veteran whose example inspired Masters to join the military. He initially considered joining the Marines, but eventually chose the Army, enlisting in November 2019. He enjoyed Basic Training, but found the lack of personal time and space challenging. He excelled in the physical aspects and was rewarded with an Air Assault slot. He is enjoying his assignment with the 10th Mountain, and stresses the importance of teaching Cadets during their summer training. He considers his service important because he is carrying on a family legacy of doing the right thing, and standing up for the values you believe in.


topics Leadership Teamwork Camaraderie Military Techniques Jewish Military Experience
interviewer David Siry
date 15 June 2021


name Jake Masters
service Infantry
unit HHT / 1-89 Cavalry, 10th Mountain Division
specialty 11C Mortar
service dates 2019