A Citizen Of The World: A South Korean International Cadet At West Point

Eun Soo Moon


Eun Soo Moon grew up in Seoul, Korea, with her parents and her younger brother. From a young age, she became interested in international politics. She also enjoyed learning martial arts, including taekwondo and Korean Kendo. She started learning English as a child, taught by her mother who was an English teacher, and later attended an English-speaking high school. After watching a video about terrorism, she decided she wanted to attend the Korean Military Academy. After a year and a half at the Korean Military Academy, she was accepted as an International Cadet at West Point, the first South Korean woman to attend USMA. She came to West Point because she wanted to challenge herself and prove what a Korean woman can do. In preparation for attending USMA, she talked with MAJ Oh, a mentor at the Korean Military Academy and a 2011 graduate of West Point. She is currently a Plebe in Company A-3 and appreciates the professionalism of her company. She finds the culture of the Corps of Cadets very welcoming. One thing she noticed was that West Point Cadets are more apt to ask questions during training than her classmates at the Korean Military Academy are, which she attributes this to cultural differences. In this interview, she talks about her childhood, her experiences at the Korean Military Academy, and her first semester at West Point. She compares the two schools and analyzes how they are different. She discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and the various restrictions in Korea and in the United States. One thing she appreciates about the American Military is the After-Action Review, and she plans on taking this technique back to the ROK Army for use as a Platoon leader. Finally, she reflects on the Korean Military Academy and USMA, noting that West Point will shape her identity as an officer.


topics Leadership Teamwork Camaraderie Women in Service West Point History
interviewer David Siry
date 02 November 21


name Eun Soo Moon
institution Korean Military Academy; USMA
graduation year 2025
specialty First Woman International Cadet from South Korea