“110%”: Getting the Most Out of West Point

Deanna Edgar


Deanna Edgar enlisted in the Connecticut Army National Guard after graduating high school, and then worked full-time for the Guard before to coming to West Point in 2016. Deanna learned about West Point from a friend she met during AIT who chose to attend the USMA Prep School. While at West Point, Deanna immersed herself in many activities, including Sandhurst, the Climbing Team, serving as a manager for the Football Team, and the West Point Scholarship Program. She spent a semester abroad in Lille, France, and in her final semester commanded Company F-1. Deanna also received a Schwarzman Scholarship and will study in China in the future. In this interview Deanna talks about her motivation to excel and her choice of Infantry Branch. She also reflects on the turbulence at the end of the year brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how she led her company through that time despite her own challenges. Deanna concludes with her thoughts about what West Point means to her.


topics Leadership Camaraderie Teamwork Women in Service West Point History COVID-19
interviewer Rick Black
date 06 June 2020


name Deanna Edgar
institution USMA
graduation year 2020
service Infantry / Military Intelligence
specialty X-Ray Tech, Connecticut Army National Guard
service dates 2013