Working as Hard as I Can: A Military Intelligence Officer Jumps into Action

Jasmine (Walker) Motupalli


CPT (P) Jasmine (Walker) Motupalli graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2006. In discussing her experiences at West Point and in the Army, the theme of working as hard as she possibly could came up repeatedly. She talks about her memories of her four years at West Point, including her experiences as a jumper on the Army Track team. As a lieutenant she went on a fifteen month combat deployment to Mosul, Iraq at the height of the surge, serving in the Regimental Intelligence section. In a later deployment to Afghanistan, she commanded a headquarters company with numerous different missions, including maneuver. After recovering from injuries sustained on that deployment, she went on to graduate school in preparation for her current assignment teaching at West Point in the Department of Systems Engineering.


name Jasmine (Walker) Motupalli
institution USMA
graduation year 2006
service Military Intelligence
unit 3d ACR, HHC 3BSTB, 1AD
service dates 2006