Platoon Leader Perspectives On Peacekeeping Operations In Haiti

Channing Greene & Dave Siry


Channing Greene and Dave Siry graduated from West Point in 1994, and exactly a year after graduation, they both deployed with 1st Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, for peacekeeping operations under the United Nations Mission in Haiti (UNMIH), a multinational task force. During their time in Haiti, Greene and Siry were Platoon Leaders in D Company and A Troop, respectively. Their mission was to provide security to allow democracy to function. While deployed, they conducted daily patrols, guarded election locations, and worked with Haitians. In this interview, they describe their mission, patrolling, dealing with the local populace, and the impact of urban geography on operations. They discuss their perceptions of conducting peacekeeping operations, and their interactions with the Haitians. Finally, they provide a few lessons learned, and discuss several specific missions they conducted.


topics Peacekeeping West Point History Leadership Camaraderie
interviewer Gray Hansen
date 23 October 2018


name Channing Greene & Dave Siry
institution USMA
graduation year 1994
service Armor
unit A Troop & D Company, 1st Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment
specialty Peacekeeping
service dates 1994