“Never Let Anyone Limit You”: Hard Work, Determination, And Success

Christmas Linzy


Christmas Linsy grew up in Houston, Texas, with her three brothers and two sisters. She was a battalion commander in Junior ROTC in high school, and Sergeant Smith, one of her JROTC instructors, encouraged her to apply to West Point. She was accepted into the prep school and joined the last class at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, before USMAPS moved to West Point. At the Military Academy, she felt academic pressure, but the “First Year and Beyond” program and assistance from the CEP (Center for Enhanced Performance) helped her learn to manage her time. She announced her intention to major in Economics, but an upper-class Cadet warned her that econ was a difficult major, implying that it was difficult for minorities. She decided to “never let anyone limit” her, and selected Economics as her major. She branched Field Artillery, which was last on her wish list, but resolved to be the best leader she could be. In this interview, she talks about her childhood, the prep school, and her West Point experiences. She describes the academic challenges she faced, the extracurricular activities she participated in, and her perception of racial attitudes among Cadets. She expresses apprehension about her future branch, and her determination to succeed. She reflects on her sponsors, and how she picked certain mentors based on their abilities. Finally, she looks back on her decision to attend West Point, and offers advice for anyone contemplating attending the Academy.


topics African American Military Experience Race in the Military West Point History Women in Service Morale
interviewer Rick Black
date 20 May 2015


name Christmas Linzy
institution USMA
graduation year 2015
service Field Artillery
service dates 2015