“Be Humble And Do What You’re Told”: From The Taiwan Air Force To The United States Army

Fu Han


Fu Han, born in 1989, grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. His father was a manager for a Soy Sauce company, and his mother was a Kindergarten Teacher who now runs a restaurant. As a boy, he enjoyed building models, and recalls building a fire truck, patiently crafting the intricate details. In Taiwan, military service is compulsory, and Han randomly drew the Air Force as his branch. He found basic training in Taiwan not as rigorous as American Basic Training. He served in the Taiwanese Air Force for a year as an Air Traffic Controller. After leaving the military, he decided to improve his English skills, and began working with a woman in Detroit who wanted to improve her skills in Chinese. The two helped each other learn their native languages, and after a few years, developed a relationship. She eventually asked Han to marry her and he immigrated to the United States. After coming to Michigan, Han worked as a Park Ranger for the National Park Service, but eventually joined the Army for a more stable life. After enlisting for the Infantry, he specialized as an 11C, an “Indirect Fire Infantryman” or Mortar Crew. He is currently a gunner, and enjoys his assignment. At the end of the interview, he talks about his great-grandfather and grandfather, and how his family ended up in Taiwan.


topics Leadership Teamwork Camaraderie Military Techniques
interviewer David Siry
date 15 June 2021


name Fu Han
service Taiwan Air Force
unit Taiwan Air Force; HHT / 1-89 Cavalry, 10th Mountain Division
specialty 11C Mortar
service dates 2011