A Lifetime Of Service: From West Point Cadet To Professional Educator

Douglas Adams


Doug Adams graduated from West Point in 1981. He branched Air Defense and served with 3-73 Air Defense in Ludwigsburg, Germany. In 1983, he was medically retired from the military and began a career in education, starting as a math teacher at a Catholic school in central Arkansas. He decided to pursue a law degree, and graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1993. He practiced law for a few years before returning to the secondary education, becoming a high school principal. He currently serves as the superintendent of the Suffern Central School District in New York. In this interview, he talks about his experiences at West Point, in the Army, and in his post-military careers. He describes his service in Germany, and his current profession as an educator.


topics Leadership Camaraderie West Point History
interviewer David Siry
date 03 February 2016


name Douglas Adams
institution USMA
graduation year 1981
service Air Defense Artillery
unit 3-73 Air Defense Artillery
specialty Lawyer, High School Principal, School Superintendent
service dates 1981 1983