The West Point Admissions Officer on Building the Long Gray Line

Deborah J. McDonald


COL Deborah McDonald '85 recounts her memories of her time as a cadet and the thirty years of active duty service since her graduation. COL McDonald talks about her junior officer years in the Transportation Corps, including service as a company commander during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. She later returned to West Point for a three year tour in the Directorate of Admissions, followed by another tour several years later to serve as the Associate Director of Admissions. She has served as the Director of Admissions for more than seven years now. In this interview, COL McDonald discusses the changes, the successes, and some of the challenges that she and her staff have seen in the Admissions process over the years.


conflicts Persian Gulf War
topics Women in Service West Point History Military Families
interviewer Rick Black
date 25 June 2015


name Deborah J. McDonald
institution USMA
graduation year 1985
service Transportation Corps
service dates 1985