Planning For Operation Just Cause: Eighteen Months In JTF Panama

Robert Pantier


Robert Pantier was stationed in Panama from 1987 to 1990, and served as the lead planner for what became Operation Just Cause. In this interview, he describes how the situation in Panama in the late 80s resulted in the United States stepping in to remove Manuel Noriega. He discusses the goals for the operation, primarily neutralizing the Panamanian Defense Force, capturing Noriega, protecting American lives and interests, and facilitating the transfer of power to the elected government. He explains how the plans were developed over 18 months, drawing upon experiences in Grenada and Honduras and incorporating all branches of the military, including the Special Operations community. Finally, he discusses post-conflict planning, which entailed incorporating governmental and non-governmental agencies into the process of restoring order.


conflicts Invasion of Panama
topics Combat Jump Leadership Military Techniques Teamwork Rules of War
interviewer John Vigna
date 31 October 2008


name Robert Pantier
institution USMA
graduation year 1970
service Field Artillery / Aviation
unit JTF Panama
service dates 1970 1992