A Korean War Rakkasan Remembers the 1952 Koje-Do Uprising

David Deatherage


David Deatherage joined the Army in 1950 and volunteered for service in the Airborne and in Korea. After Basic Training and Airborne School, he arrived in Korea in time to rotate back to Japan with the Regiment while the peace talks were in progress. In May, 1952, he returned to Korea to help quell the riot at the Koje-Do Prison Camp. In this interview, David Deatherage describes suppressing the prison riot at Koje-Do, and the patrol for which Lester Hammond earned the Medal of Honor. These days, David Deatherage spends much of his time supporting various veterans’ organizations, including the Missouri Korean War Veterans Memorial and Mount KIA / MIA, a mountain peak in Colorado renamed to honor all Americans killed in action or missing in action.


conflicts Korean War
topics P.O.W.s Medal of Honor
interviewer David Siry
date 14 September 2016


name David Deatherage
service Infantry
unit A Co, 1st BN, 187th Infantry Regimental Combat Team
specialty Airborne
service dates 1950 1952